pool company in mckinney tips on staying cool

pool company in mckinney tips on staying cool

No way around it- it’s just plain hot.  It’s been hot for weeks and there’s no real relief in sight.  It’s times like these when it seems like even your swimming pool isn’t going to cool you off.  So how are you supposed to cope with this hot, muggy weather?  

Just Add Ice

Depending on the size of your pool, tossing in some bags of ice can drastically lower the temperature.  Just stop by the grocery store, Water n’ Ice, or gas station on the way home and grab some ice.  Obviously you’ll know how many you need, but a respectable start would be at least 10 bags.  Toss them in the pool and then dive in!  Of course, once the ice melts, you will want to double check your pH balance and make adjustments as needed.  

Make It a Party!

Nothing helps ease misery than being around your favorite people!  Grab some beers (and waters!), invite your friends over, and let the good times roll!  Grilling, chilling, and messing around in the pool are basically the definition of summer, and it’s always more fun together.  After a few games of pool volleyball, you won’t care about the heat… you’ll just be looking to perfect your epic spike!  

Can You Feel It In the Air Tonight?

Sure, with the high humidity that is a cornerstone of July weather in North Texas, it may not feel like it, but nighttime temps are usually much cooler than day temps.  Try running your equipment at night to circulate the water and take advantage of the “cool” air.  It won’t make your pool 60 degrees, but it will definitely help lower the temperature.  

Adjust Your Schedule

I mean, as much as your work schedule allows, try doing your outdoor activities at night.  No one hates a late-night swim, so get those laps in after The Late Show.  Any yard work and gardening that can be done after sundown, do it.  Finally gonna dig that moat around your property to fend off advancing armies?  WHY DO YOU WANT TO DO THAT IN THE SUN ANYWAY???

Countdown to Fall

Y’all.  It’s already July 11th.  We’ve made it this far… we can do this.  Hang in there!