We specialize in

Custom Pools

Whether your outdoor space is big or small, we have a custom pool and landscape design just waiting to come to life! Whether you’re looking for just a custom pool installation or a whole backyard renovation, we will help you create the perfect outdoor space. Think your space or budget is too small? Think again! We can think outside the box to help you create a unique pool that’s perfect for your family! And unlike other custom pool and landscape design companies, we encourage you to participate in every step of the process. We can’t wait to collaborate on your next outdoor project!

From Design to First Dip…

Our Process

We begin the process with an onsite consultation. At this time, we will also need a copy of your property survey. We will gather information of what your dream backyard looks like; and discuss a realistic budget for the improvements. Now to create your one-of-a-kind custom backyard retreat. The design work and estimation can take a few days to a week depending on complexity.

We meet again to present in 3-D format and virtual video with water flowing, fire cracking, and majestic views from every angle of your slice of paradise... we will discuss the details and edit if necessary. Once we have a deal, its construction agreement sign off and get busy time!

HOA approval provided by Homeowner, Utility Company will mark/flag buried lines; do not disturb if possible.

6” Waterline Tile, Coping Stone, Deck Finish, Plaster Interior Finish

Site Excavation begins, with Steel and Plumbing installed right after, and then the Concrete Shell! Now the pool is literally taking shape and the vision is coming alive!

Equipment installed, Tile and Coping set, and any accessories including pergola, BBQ grill, fireplace, etc. are constructed. At this point the decking will be installed.

Finishing up the project, the interior plaster finish is applied and water is added. DO NOT TURN OFF WATER until filled up to 3” on waterline tile. Our service pro will check the water chemistry and adjust as needed. Equipment will start filtering the water to keep clear and circulating constantly for the next several days.... Meanwhile, “Bonding with Your New Favorite Place” The homeowner will begin to brush all plaster surfaces 2x per day for 14 days, then once daily for the next 14 days. We’ll check in for any punch list items that need to be addressed and provide equipment operation. The water chemistry will be adjusted and operational instruction will be given. Weekly maintenance will be required at this point.